Industrial Oven & Infrared Heater Manufacturer

Industrial heating solutions are custom engineered for your parts and processes. With a long history of building industrial heating equipment and infrared heaters, we have the knowledge and expertise to assist you with engineering the perfect solution for all your product heating needs. Our wide offering of products contains everything from batch ovens to highly engineered custom solutions for your very specific manufacturing applications.


Select the oven that is based on your conveyance or style of oven.


Research ovens by what you want to do to your parts.


Explore ovens based on the industries our ovens have been used in.


Choose an oven based on the material or substrate you are processing.

Heat Technology

See the different technologies used to heat parts for your oven design.

Infrared Heaters

Examine the types of Infrared Heaters to find one for your process.


    Industrial Ovens for Any Application

    Whether you’re looking at utilizing heat technology to strengthen the material properties of your products, dehydrate a product, melt another substance onto a substrate, cure a paint or powder coating, or even laminating materials, we have years of knowledge and experience to solve your manufacturing issues. Do you need thermal processing of your manufactured product? Contact us at 913-441-0043 for a free consultation.  

    Gas Catalytic Infrared, Electric Infrared and Convection

    As the only oven manufacturer in North America to offer all these heating technologies, we will work with you to determine which technologies and method will best work for your application and unique process. Continuous research and development in our lab enables us to test new methods, preparing us for whatever issues you may have encountered.

    Standard & Custom Industrial Oven Solutions

    Depending on what level of service you’re looking for, we offer options from batch ovens that ship in panels for you to assemble at your facility, to full turn-key industrial oven solutions professionally installed by us and our expert systems integrator distributors' experienced installation crews. If you’re looking for a quick economical solution, our Advantage Series oven is a pre-engineered and manufactured batch oven that can be delivered fast. For more unique applications, our design and engineering team will work closely with you, performing testing to create the perfect custom-manufactured solution.