Infrared Heaters

Infrared Heaters for Industrial Use

Infrared heaters use electromagnetic radiation from invisible infrared light to heat objects, materials or spaces with the help of a reflective shield. Infrared heat waves are long electromagnetic waves located very near the visible part of the electromagnetic spectrum which can give off a large amount of heat that is easily absorbed by many surfaces. Produced by a heating element, the infrared waves give off radiant heat that can heat objects and surfaces without needing a medium or air molecules for transportation.

Gas-Cat Infrared Heaters

Gas-Cat Heaters create a flameless reaction to produce infrared energy.

Protherm FS Series Heaters

FS Series heaters generate electric medium wavelength infrared energy.

Protherm CB Series Heaters

CB Series heaters generate electric long to medium wavelength infrared.

Protherm Infraround Heaters

Infraround heaters use 360 degree exposure medium wavelength infrared.

Protherm T3/Quartz Heaters

T3/Quartz Heaters produce near infrared short wavelength energy.