Industrial Preheat Ovens

Typically used in powder coating, preheat ovens are used before a process to get the temperature of the product up for the process following it. Preheat ovens can help a product gain a thicker film build of powder coating for added durability or to make low or non-conductive materials more attractive for powder coating (such as woods and plastics). Preheating can also be used in thermal forming by heating up a product that will then be subjected to forces to bend or molds to create a shape.

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The Trimac Legacy

Trimac has experience designing and building industrial ovens since 1987. Originally offering gas catalytic ovens, in the transition of many manufacturing lines from liquid paint to powder coating, the company began manufacturing convection ovens in the late 1990’s. Acquiring the assets Process Thermal Dynamics in 2017, Trimac became the only industrial manufacturer of gas catalytic infrared, electric infrared, and convection ovens in North America.