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Being on the leading edge of technology and one of the very first offerings of aqueous (water based) cleaning equipment, Trimac Industrial Systems has shipped equipment worldwide and has the engineering knowledge and expertise necessary to get your parts clean.


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Cleaning Technology

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    Industrial Washers for Any Application

    Whether you’re utilizing cleaning technology to pretreat for a finishing process, clean or degrease parts during manufacturing, quench hot pieces to maintain a shape or remove rust, we have over 30 years of experience in the cleaning industry. Do you need to remove contaminants from your product? Contact us at 913-441-0043 for a free consultation.  

    Parts Cleaning and Metal Pretreatment

    With the founding of Kemac Power Spray Systems, our mission was to solve the growing problem manufacturers were having using solvents to clean their parts. Because of environmental concerns, manufacturers wanted to find a way to maintain the same cleanliness standards but without the generation of hazardous waste from the solvent disposal. Kemac’s designs were to clean parts from precision to industrial applications using water-based cleaning. As the company grew, it also expanded its product range from cabinet designs for batch cleaning to flow through washers for inline applications and metal pretreatment.  

    Standard & Custom Wash Solutions

    Depending on what level of service you’re looking for, we have options for batch wash stations that ship ready for you to assemble at your facility to full turn-key oven solutions installed by our expert installation crews. If you’re looking for a quick economical solution, our Kontainment Station oven is a pre-engineered batch wash station that can be delivered fast and contains all overspray in the supplied drain pan. For more unique applications, our design and engineering team will work closely with you as well as performing testing to create the perfect custom solution.