Industrial Ultrasonic Parts Washers

Ultrasonic cleaning utilizes sound waves to cavitate a wash solution which appears to create tiny bubbles within the wash solution. This cavitation agitates the bath and loosens soils on parts immersed into the tank. Ultrasonic cleaning is a great solution for parts with deep holes, blind areas, cracks and recesses due to its ability to penetrate beyond the surface presented to the cleaning technology.

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The Trimac Legacy

In 1986, Kemac Power Spray Systems was founded to manufacture aqueous (water based) cleaning equipment. Its mission was to solve the growing problem manufacturers were having using solvents to clean their parts. Because of environmental concerns, manufacturers wanted to find a way to maintain the same cleanliness standards but without the generation of hazardous waste from the solvent disposal. Kemac’s designs were to clean parts from precision to industrial applications using water-based cleaning. Kemac being one of the first aqueous parts washer manufacturers, soon had shipped machines worldwide. As the company grew, it also expanded its product range from cabinet designs for batch cleaning to flow through washers for inline applications.