Manufacturer of Custom Industrial Finishing Systems

With a long history of building industrial heating equipment and industrial cleaning equipment, incorporating an overhead conveyor with a piece of equipment to become a system came as a natural progression. A System can be any washer or oven with a material handling method or multiple pieces of equipment grouped together with or without a conveyor connecting them.

Flow-Thru Systems

Flow-thru conveyor system using gas catalytic infrared heat technology.

Chain-on-Edge Systems

Chain-on-edge conveyor paired with a heating technology in a system.

Small Parts Systems

Powder coating system for parts about the size of a cell phone or smaller.

Batch Systems

System containing equipment to move parts with forklift, carts, or manual pull conveyor.


    Liquid and Powder Coating Systems

    One of the most common areas we have been involved with is liquid and powder coating systems. Pieces of our cleaning technology working hand-in-hand with our heating equipment to clean, dry, and cure finish on customer pieces.  

    Specialty Engineered Systems

    Systems can be engineered for many other applications outside of Paint and Powder, and with the test lab our team of engineers are eager to help you create the best system solution for your parts. Systems to form parts using a quench, removing fingerprints from stainless steel goods, curing polyurethane rubber onto stamped wheels to create tires are all examples of specialized engineered systems we have worked on.Simple and Pre-engineered to Complex and Customized Depending on what level of service you’re looking for,we have options for batch systems that ship unassembled for assembly at your facility, or full turn-key industrial systems installed by our expert installation crews. Do you need some system of pieces of equipment working together for your manufactured product? Contact us at 913-441-0043 for a free consultation.