Gas Catalytic Infrared

Industrial Gas Catalytic Infrared Ovens

Gas Catalytic Infrared Ovens are the most cost effective and energy efficient heating solutions. Compared to electric infrared, gas catalytic infrared uses significantly less energy to operate. These ovens are commonly used for curing powder coatings on nearly any substrate. Gas infrared ovens utilize infrared heaters inside of a custom-designed oven. These ovens are used to cure, dry, thermal form, boost to temperature, gel powder coatings and various other processes.

For the lowest cost per piece for powder coated goods, gas catalytic infrared ovens are the solution. Placing a powder coating operation into a small footprint can benefit greatly from gas catalytic infrared ovens. These ovens can do the same work in a fraction of the space, fraction of the time and use a fraction of the utilities required of a traditional convection oven. Gas catalytic infrared ovens do not rely on heated, moving air to increase the part temperature.  This reduces opportunities for cross-contamination or blowing off un-cured powder on powder coated parts.

Trimac manufactured the very first gas catalytic infrared oven used to cure powder coatings. Gas Catalytic Infrared Ovens from Trimac Industrial Systems are designed for your specific application. We utilize reflectors inside of the oven to focus all the infrared energy to the part. The Gas-Cat brand heaters inside of the oven are arranged based on results of testing done in our full-service lab. Our ovens can be zoned as an entire oven, multi-zone, or controlled down to the per-heater level. Trimac has built and installed gas catalytic infrared ovens used on all kinds of substrates from curing rubbers and adhesives to powder coating on wood, mdf, aluminum castings and steel. With ThermalWrap technology, a convection air assist can be added to Trimac Industrial Systems’ gas catalytic infrared oven. This helps boost the temperature of complex shaped parts and balance the temperature of geometries with thick and thin areas in the substrate.

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The Trimac Legacy

Trimac has experience designing and building industrial ovens since 1987. Originally offering gas catalytic ovens, in the transition of many manufacturing lines from liquid paint to powder coating, the company began manufacturing convection ovens in the late 1990’s. Acquiring the assets Process Thermal Dynamics in 2017, Trimac became the only industrial manufacturer of gas catalytic infrared, electric infrared, and convection ovens in North America.