Industrial Ovens to Boost or Gel Powder Coatings

A boost or gel is typically done using infrared heating technology. Boosting is common with thick substrate parts, and the infrared helps get a part to a desired temperature faster and more efficiently than convection by transferring the heat to the part directly, not with the use of air. Multiple coats of powder can benefit from the use of a gel oven between coats to force the coating to begin cross-linking and bonding without curing fully. This allows for the second coat to be applied on top of the first, without cross-contamination of powder coatings.

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The Trimac Legacy

Trimac has experience designing and building industrial ovens since 1987. Originally offering gas catalytic ovens, in the transition of many manufacturing lines from liquid paint to powder coating, the company began manufacturing convection ovens in the late 1990’s. Acquiring the assets Process Thermal Dynamics in 2017, Trimac became the only industrial manufacturer of gas catalytic infrared, electric infrared, and convection ovens in North America.