Electric Infrared

Industrial Electric Infrared Ovens

The greenest, least demand on fossil fuels, method of heating in an oven is electric infrared. These ovens use electric infrared heaters to radiate heat into a part. The ovens can be designed in various shapes and for nearly any process involving heat treatment. Electric infrared ovens can be used for annealing, laminating, sintering, curing adhesives, curing powder coatings and thermal forming.

Electric infrared ovens are the fastest way to heat a part. For extremely small spaces and fast line speeds, electric infrared energy will transfer the infrared energy faster than gas catalytic infrared ovens. The electric infrared elements can be shaped to match the profile of the part being processed, maximizing the amount of energy available to be absorbed into the part.

Trimac Industrial Systems manufactures electric infrared ovens using Protherm electric infrared elements. We have supplied ovens utilizing electric infrared technology in the plastics, wire and cabling, textiles and carpeting, and castings markets. Based on results from our testing lab, we will control your electric infrared in different zones to optimize the oven for your process. Trimac Industrial Systems incorporates electric infrared ovens into a small parts coating line for powder coating. These small parts lines are great for prototyping or coating small parts and take up very little floor space.

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The Trimac Legacy

Trimac has experience designing and building industrial ovens since 1987. Originally offering gas catalytic ovens, in the transition of many manufacturing lines from liquid paint to powder coating, the company began manufacturing convection ovens in the late 1990’s. Acquiring the assets Process Thermal Dynamics in 2017, Trimac became the only industrial manufacturer of gas catalytic infrared, electric infrared, and convection ovens in North America.